Competition program and nominations

The Eurasian Art Union and the World Art Foundation invite you to take part in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art Week in Italia" and the International Open Air Program "Open Air in Italia".

In 2019, the Art Week in Italia is held simultaneously with the "Assembly of Plein-airs" and includes two sections:
1) exhibition and competition program
2) open-air program

Dates of the Art Week in Italy: August 6-16, 2019.

The program of the Art Week in Italy includes the following sections:

  1. Competition of Classical Painting
  2. Competition of Avant-garde Painting
  3. Competition of Abstract Painting
  4. Competition of Watercolors and Pastels
  5. Competition of Graphic Arts
  6. Competition of Sculpture
  7. Competition of Photography
  8. Competition of Decor Crafts & Textile

There are three forms of participation in the competition program “Art Week in Italy”:
1) IN PERSON, with a visit to the exhibition in Italy:
The author independently carries work to the exhibition in Italy and stays there for the entire period of the exhibition.
2) IN PERSON, without visiting the exhibition in Italia:
The organizing committee transports the originals or copies of the works to the exhibition in Italia and back; Art objects are collected in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Kiev, see the section “Contacts of the Organizing Committee”.
The author provides works in electronic form; the organizing committee prints photographs of competitive art objects in A3 size and places them in the general exhibition.

The contest program accepts works that glorify the beauty of nature and architecture of ANY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.
Theme: "The Seasons".

1. Winter open airs
2. Spring open airs
3. Summer open airs
4. Autumn open airs

1. Painting (oil, acrylic)
2. Pastel
3. Watercolor
4. Gouache
5. Graphics
6. Textiles and decorative arts

• Cityscape
• Rural landscape
• City and person
• Nature and man
• Animals in nature
• Flora (images of trees, plants, flowers, etc.)


The materials necessary for registering your participation are available in the "How to participate" section.
Organizational fees for participation in the competitive program: "Entry Fee / Cost of participation".